Beltone of WNY Hearing Care Practitioner Gregory Watson joins “Tune into Health” on WBEN

In October, our hearing care practitioner, Gregory Watson, spoke with Susan Rose on “Tune Into Health,” a popular segment on WBEN 930 AM Radio in Buffalo, New York. Gregory spoke with Susan about hearing health issues and solutions for folks in and around Western New York.

You can listen to Gregory’s 4-minute interview here, tune in at WBEN, or read the transcript below.



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Susan: It’s Susan Rose here with Greg Watson of Beltone of Western New York. When it comes to hearing loss, Greg, most people don’t even notice that they’re losing their hearing. What are some of the major signs of it?

Greg: Some of the major signs of hearing loss are people seem to mumble all the time. We have a ringing noise that occurs in our ears, and we’re often asking people to repeat themselves. So, there is a major difference between being able to hear people and being able to understand them, but the warning signs we should always be looking for is if we’re having any trouble communicating with somebody else.

Susan: What about a loud TV?

Greg: Loud TVs are a number-one sign that the patient might not be experiencing [hearing loss], but the spouse or a loved one in the house would definitely recognize that that TV is significantly louder.

Susan: Greg, can a hearing aid help everyone with hearing loss?

Greg: No, so there’s different types of hearing losses. There’s ones that include nerve damage, there’s ones that include damage to the bone structure in the ears, so a hearing aid will not correct every hearing loss, but that’s why it’s important to determine what type of hearing loss a patient has.

Susan: And what makes Beltone different than some other hearing aid centers?

Greg: So, Beltone is a nationwide company that’s been in business since the 1940s, so there’s over 1,400 locations throughout the country. In Western New York, there for main locations, and when you walk into Beltone, you will be like a family member and be treated really well, and we will find out the best solution to make you hear much better.

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