5 Myths About Hearing Loss

  1. “My hearing is just fine, thank you.”

    Otherwise delivered as “If I were losing my hearing, I think I would know,” this common misconception often prevents people from being proactive about their hearing loss. Whether they are in denial about their hearing loss or legitimately unaware that a change is taking place, it can be difficult to take the next steps toward healthy hearing. Remember, most hearing loss occurs gradually over time, which makes it hard to recognize.

    According to the Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) and supported by our team of hearing care experts, “When you have a hearing loss in some frequencies and not others, it is easier to dismiss it as unimportant. Even a mild hearing loss can adversely affect your cognitive capabilities, work, home, and social life.”

    When we treat hearing loss, we are really training the brain to relearn how to hear. As the HHF points out: “Proper hearing aid use correlates with improved outlook, mood, mobility, independence, communication, and social interaction.”

  2. “Hearing loss only affects older people.”

    While it is true that hearing loss can affect us as we get older, it does not discriminate by age. Approximately one in six of all Americans is experiencing some form of hearing loss. Here are some quick facts on the matter:

    • Approximately 48 million people experience hearing loss in the United States
    • Two-thirds of these people are under 65 years old
    • One in five children between the ages of 12 and 19 show some sign of hearing loss

    According to The World Health Organization (WHO), younger people can experience hearing loss after “exposure to damaging levels of noisy entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bars, and sporting events.”

    It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, at Beltone of WNY, we can help you manage your hearing health so you can live your best life.

  3. Hearing loss is inevitable.

    Yes, it is true that hearing loss may be brought on by unavoidable factors, such as genetics. Other causes of hearing loss can include:

    • Certain medications
    • Exposure to loud noises
    • Smoking
    • Diabetes

    But no, hearing loss is not an uncontrollable fact of life. The best way to prevent hearing loss it to limit your exposure to loud noises. Have you worked in any of these fields? You may be more prone to hearing loss than others.

    • Military
    • Flight crew
    • Farming / agriculture
    • Ambulance driver
    • Manufacturing / factory worker
    • Dentist
    • Hard rock musician
    • Athlete
    • Bouncer / bartender

    If this sounds like you or someone you know and you suspect you are having difficulties hearing, be sure to schedule a hearing exam right away. The longer you wait, the worse the problem could become. We’re to help!


  4. “So I’m losing my hearing. Who cares?”

    Sadly, apathy is a typical response to hearing loss. It might be tempting to ignore hearing loss or put off getting our hearing checked, but doing so could result in irreparable damage and critical mental disorders, such as:

    • Cognitive decline
    • Dementia
    • Ménière’s disease (vertigo)
    • Social isolation
    • Depression
    • Short-term memory loss

    According to the HHF, “Treating the hearing loss, such as with hearing aids, can reverse or even prevent some of these conditions.”

  5. “Hearing aids are ugly and expensive”

    Most people who claim that hearing aids are ugly, inconvenient, or burdensome are probably remembering something they saw in the 1970s or 80s. These days, hearing care technology has evolved in such a way that most hearing aids are barely recognizable—both to the wearer and the observer.

    As far as expenses are concerned, most hearing care centers offer special financing options for patients and customers. At Beltone of WNY, we’re no different. We believe everyone has the right to experience heating health and happiness.

    Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish, and affordable hearing aid that fits your lifestyle? We’re here to help!